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Shakti– Service Finder: An Aid to Event Organizer


Organizing Home based,Private/Public events and conducting it in smooth and hassle-free is seemed to tough and needs more careful planning by the organizer. Various skillsets needs to be hired and tasked as per pre-planned directives to steer the event.

The State of Art technology we built for such Event organizer to pool around relevant skills in a single platform and access their services very quickly. It is very much location specific and all categories of services will be readily available on a single search.This platform will be very resourceful for event professionals and event service providers alike. It can be a one stop platform for finding: service providers, event artists, event managements and venues and more in the events directory.

Key Benefits

  • Very resourceful to Event Professionals and Service Providers
  • Facilitate to search the right skill set in location specific and in planned budget.
  • Monetize the service over time with service providers.
  • Can extend the horizon of services to new height as per market needs

Key Challenges

  • In common, the event organizers have to go with very familiar service providers irrespective of skills and performance.
  • Very skilled Professionals usually have to go with very limited leads referred by close circles.
  • Budget constrained event organizing is seemed difficult in gathering up legitimate service providers.

Key Features

In General

  • All Skillset of different service providers can be searched using well-tuned filters : location specific, category and free text.
  • Can able to view complete profile of service provider: Description ,Photos, Videos, Medias, Rating breakdown and Social Links.
  • Can Request contact of service provider and receive as SMS and Email.
  • Can Post the review about service provider.
  • Can able to view popular provider details quickly without search.

As a Service provider

  • Service providers can register for different skills ex: Catering, Decoration
  • Service provider can update the profile of skill sets provided with evident content: Photos, Videos and Social media links. (Nudity Check and Profanity filters enabled)
  • Can able to view rating given by general users/visitors
  • Can able to view the leads/contacts requested.

As a Admin

  • An Compact Dashboard gives summarized details of categories, Accounts, Contact lists etc.
  • View report on sent contact lists to general users.
  • Manage Account lists along with export/import feature.
  • Manage Reviews posted by general users (can approve , deny ,edit and delete)
  • Manage Main and sub categories of service providers.
  • Manage Banners of advertising events in home page


  • PHP (CodeIgniter Framework), MySQL, Apache,
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Bootstrap (Front-end Framework - Responsive UI) and JQuery