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Shakti Health Integration Framework and Tools (SHIFT)


The health care industry in America and across the globe has significant integration challenges, increasing government regulation to have electronic transactions to ensure compliance, to get paid, to prove meaningful use etc. Both small and large Healthcare Organizations are finding it difficult and costly to keep up with this challenge. There are a large number of enterprises running legacy applications and do not have a well-defined open standard transaction integration framework (OSIF) to manage these transactions and ensure compliance and meaningful use. Others have invested in very expensive Middleware that supports the integration and monitoring of these transactions. They continue to pay for software license, maintenance fees, significant software development and maintenance cost on a continuing basis. Few have created very costly SOA strategies based on custom integration framework. Challenges include, SOA development frameworks not being backward compatible, inability to make it comprehensive on a single stack for it to cost effective.

We have seen clients address these health integration challenges & helped deliver them. Based on our learnings, from multiple such implementations, we are developing this comprehensive Open Standards Health Integration Framework (OSHIF) solution called SHIFT to address this immense challenge effectively.

Our Solution

The SHIFT solution provides a development platform and a domain based solution. It leverages Rapid Application Development (RAD) Framework based on a cost effective configurable .NET based development platform that supports multiple standards with pre built custom components that can be configured and enhanced. On top of that development platform sits a set of pre-built configurable application components (SOA based) that support various health care transactions and provides real time integration for specific batch business process. Many of these transactions and integration requirements are based on Government mandated standards for the health care industry.

On the Core Development platform - We are developing a standards based, architectural principles based set of framework components that enable an effective SOA strategy, leveraging commonly used conventional enterprise class web development applications. This framework leverages the best .NET web development constructs that are out there, makes choices on design implementations to support standard architectural principles, uses best practices and creates a set of enterprise class windows components that can be leveraged on most if not all enterprise application developments as a building block for enterprise applications and enterprise application integration. These .NET web development accelerators (RAD components) help reduce time to market, incorporate standards and best practice and can easily be used to integrate a Legacy environment using a SOA framework.

On the Core Application platform - We are further tailoring these to create a set of SOA based application components specific for a domain (Health Care – Health Plan, Provider, Medicare/Medicaid, Life Sciences) and their specific transactions and application integration points.

This version of SHIFT provides healthcare-specific reference architectures. It also provides a suite of tools, transformation engines and application adapters built on healthcare standards, such as HIPAA EDI, HL7 and IHE integration template, that help reduce development time and lower costs.

SHIFT helps you build, extend and transform your existing infrastructures while allowing multiple systems to consume and re-use business services to provide Web-based collaboration across people, processes and information in the healthcare community. You can design flexible applications that can extend and integrate with other systems.

Our OSHIF recognizes that your solution may need to integrate with different pre-existing legacy, middleware components, SOA, application components. Our SHIFT solution will help you leverage these existing investments using our best in class service oriented architecture (SOA) rapid application development (RAD) framework for innovation in healthcare. Incorporating the SOA and RAD best practices, we can work towards truly interoperable applications.

Our SHIFT solution set serves needs identified for potential clients in the following sub domains in health care:

Healthcare provider

  • Clinical business integration
  • Enterprise health analytics
  • Healthcare interoperability
  • Operations optimization

Health plans

  • Customer service modernization
  • Enterprise health plan analytics
  • Health plan core systems modernization

Life sciences

  • Life sciences performance management
  • Life sciences transformation
  • Regulatory compliance

Key Benefits

Our SHIFT Solution for the health care domain facilitates business integration, exchange and sharing of information throughout the healthcare enterprise for improved flexibility, efficiency, productivity and better outcomes while reducing overall cost. SHIFT helps transform the health care business through real time integration.

  • Improve ability to integrate clinical, financial and operational information, and apply real-time retrospective and predictive analytics to measure and monitor performance, while unlocking the insights in unstructured data.
  • Improve ability for life sciences organizations to improve productivity, reduce costs, facilitate clinical trials, and speed the product development lifecycle.
  • Enable secure data sharing and transfer, and improve communication among various stakeholders through the health care and life science continuum.
  • Support the transformation of health care and life science business operations through integration and process orchestration to improve productivity and customer service.
  • Increase your overall efficiency and flexibility in creating and deploying new services such as claims process transformation or member enrollment.
  • Enable a single, enterprise view of information through integration.
  • Improve transaction integrity, security and better transaction throughput overall.
  • Improve flexibility given the configuration-driven design
  • Is cost effective and based on standards and can be backward and forward compatible.
  • Is a highly reusable framework and generates all the benefits of SOA based solutions.
  • Provide pre-defined set of transactions that meet industry needs and provides better clinical, operational and financial outcomes
  • Improve testability: Application areas can be reconfigured to improve testing of application in isolation.
  • Reduce the work load of the developer and is easier to maintain and support.
  • Best in Class solution based on the best industry standards and frameworks with Industry best practices incorporated
  • Leverage existing application components and thereby leverage current investments by creating .Net wrappers to existing SOA components
  • Product enhancements include incorporation of a rule engine and business process workflow administration tools set with significant business intelligence capability