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Shakti– ICU : An Virtual Care Visit


An ICU admission is an extremely traumatic event for the patient as well as for their near and dear. To ensure maximum clinical care and to reduce the chances of infection, physical visits to ICU's by relatives and friends are kept to the absolute minimum. It is also impractical for the primary consultant to make repeated physical visits to the ICU, in order to review the patients. The family would like a status report directly from the primary consultant in the presence of the patient. In an ICU setting sometimes, this is not possible.

The I-C-U facility has been designed with this in mind, to enable virtual Visits to individual ICU cubicles, both by consultants, relatives and friends using internet, through a PC, laptop and even a smart phone. The patient's authorized relatives and friends can now virtually "SEE" an ICU patient by remotely switching on a camera installed over the ICU bed.

Key Benefits

  • Consultants can use this facility to make additional virtual visits 24/7 and remotely re-evaluate the patient.
  • Facilitate the scheduled virtual visit for near and dears of victim.
  • Interactive sessions with the ward staffs @CCU
  • State of Art technology as a value added service to patients.

Key Challenges

  • Consultants and specialists have to do unplanned physical visit in the time of emergencies and on time presence may not be expected due to external factors.
  • Patient cannot be monitored 24/7 by concerned Specialist or consultants remotely.
  • Close relatives and friends near / far-away will have untold mental agonies about their dear one @CCU.

Key Features

  • Streaming video through 360” state of art network Camera
  • A Call Centre workflow application for hospital to provide secure live transmission.
  • Scheduling the planned virtual visit for Consultants , staffs and patient’s relatives / friends. (Request needs Approval) Secure, scalable & modular solution.
  • Two Way Audio Communication.
  • Doctors can zoom in on Patient & Vital Monitors
  • Audit log of visits
  • Emergency interrupts
  • Integration with existing Hospital Information System


  • .NET (web), SQL Server
  • IP Enabled Cameras and its Software plugins.