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Shakti Bidding

An Fund Raising Management Software


Fundraising auctions are another great way to raise money for particular cause. They can take many different forms and can be easily fitted in to other fundraising events. Our Web based Funding raising Bidding software is SAAS based (Software As A Service) Model to encourage the auctioneer to plan for as many charity events as they can.

Traditional style auctions (live) and Silent auctions are very common at many fundraising events. These days many charities are discovering how to use online charity auctions to raise funds. We have therefore split this into four categories such as traditional (live), silent, online and Buy-in with minimal functionality changes.

Traditional (live) auction items are configured with fixed increment value. Bidders are encouraged to bid at higher price and they will be shown Bid sheet history of their friendly counterparts to take better decision. Silent auction items are configured as sealed bidding. So that bidders can make their own choice of bid amount for the selective auction item. Bid sheet will not be shown here.

Online auction items are configured in the similar passion of silent auction with the exception that the Bid sheet history for the selective item will be shown.

Buy-in based auction items are configured as readily saleable at the fixed price as there is no need to ask for low or high bid value.

This software renders elegant UI interface compatible to desktop pcs, laptops , mobile gadgets of different categories of tablets and smart phone versions.

Key Benefits

  • Expand your window of opportunity
  • Raise more money for your non-profit
  • Exclusive Mobile Bidding and In-Room Bidding
  • Benefit from a large online bidder community
  • Huge potential to raise a lot of money during a set period of time
  • The participants who fundraise will be sharing your event and brand far and wide.
  • Fundraisers will send out emails with your logo and messaging to thousands of friends, families and colleagues

Key Challenges

  • Need of sheer effort and coordination that goes into the planning and execution for fundraising event.
  • Nonprofits that are considering planning an event should start with a committee. This committee should be made up of internal personnel, as well as volunteers from the local community. The organization needs to carefully plan who will run key aspects of the event. Assign small groups to be in charge of marketing, operations, logistics and other critical aspects of the experience.
  • Corporate sponsorships are also critical to pulling off a successful event. They can obviously provide capital resources, but do not overlook the possibility of in-kind donations for crucial components of the operations - corporate volunteers or prizes to incentivize participation.
  • Panels and breakout sessions include best practices on recruiting fundraisers, event sponsorship sales and analytics

Key Features

As a Bidder

  • Can able to view complete details for planned auction.
  • Register once and can able to view and participate in all planned auction events by the organizer
  • Able to view various categories of auction items which are displayed along counter clock
  • Can able to filter the auction items using the given effective search tool.
  • Can view the items in a paginated list and grid view styles
  • Can add the auction item into wish list for lateral decision
  • Can able to view complete product details along with QRCode and bidsheet (live and online only).
  • Very vital details given in Product page will aid the bidder for Informed decision.
  • Quick registration process and bidding the auction item without login.
  • Can able to navigate to social network links for selected auction items for more shared information. (facebook,twitter,dribble,instagram)
  • Can able to view top sponsors details of auction event.
  • Can able to view other complimentary events organized in the auction and admission ticket details along with contact information.
  • Can able to view My Account page which comprises many options such as
    • Updating the profile details
    • Winning and Losing Bid details
    • Make the payment for the winning bids
    • Can view all admission tickets and raffles tickets bought.
    • Can able to view the complete Invoice and payment history of various auction events.

As an Auctioneer

  • Can able to view an Compact Dashboard that gives over all essentials about selected Auction event.
  • Can able to manage the set of auction events and its respective details in its content page (Images, Description)
  • Can able to manage various payment vendor types for auction events. (Paypal, PayUMoney, PayUBiz, CCAvenue etc)
  • Can able to manage various item categories for each auction event.
  • Can able to manage auction items and different categories for each auction event.
  • Can export and import details of auction items of selective event
  • Can able to manage admission ticket entries for Auction event and its related miscellaneous events. It supports recording the admission entry based on the request from the bidder.
  • Can able to manage Raffle ticket entries in Auction event. It supports recording the entry based on the request from the bidder.
  • Can able to manage bidders and record the bidding entry for selected auction item.
  • Can able to export Bidder details to CSV format and supports import of bulk bidders details from external csv, excel files.
  • Generate the overall invoice that comprises auction items for different types, raffles and admission tickets for Bidders
  • Can able to manage donor details and export/import of their details to/from CSV format
  • Can able to manage sponsors details and export/import of their details to/from CSV format
  • Can able to manage Volunteers details, export/import for their details and assigning donors to volunteers.
  • Can able to manage USERS details and back office works.
  • Can able to populate winners and generate invoice orders.
  • Can able to view and print Silent Auction Bid sheets , Complete/Incomplete Invoice reports
  • Live Auction Projector tool for selected auction event.


  • PHP (CodeIgniter Framework), MySQL, Apache,
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Bootstrap (Front-end Framework - Responsive UI) and JQuery